Rainer Holtorff, head of Yachtskipper.de, has been at sea for many years as a professional skipper for private owners, travel companies, sailing schools and corporations on yachts from 20 to 120 feet. Meanwhile, he has sailed over 60 different yachts, including various long-hauls in many areas of the world. He is a German Oceanmaster, Yachtmaster Offshore, and was the first non-englishman who was named "Yachtmaster of the Year" by the Royal Yachting Association in 2013. Recently, he sailed a lot in the Atlantic / Channel / North Sea between Gibraltar and Germany/Denmark/Norway. He also uses his know-how acquired since 1999 to delegate crews and organize deliveries, as well as tailor-made yacht trips and coachings from his base in Hamburg. more...

Christian Liedmeier, Shoremanagement at Yachtskipper.de, has already worked at a sailing school at the age of 6, and has remained close to the water since then. He also works as a sailing instructor and coach and at Yachtskipper.de he takes care of organizational processes in yacht management and during deliveries. He likes to go on long hauls himself, but more importantly he has the facts and figures of the company in view.

Lennart is already working as a pilot for several years. As a captain, he has traveled all over the world on merchant ships. Prior to that, he completed an apprenticeship as a boat builder (he was the first apprentice of the shipyard Yachtbau Janssen & Renkhoff www.janssen-renkhoff.de).

He also skippered for various providers of sailing trips.

This practical experience and his expertise help him to organise deliveries and more at Yachtskipper.de. But most of all he likes to take the helm himself on a delivery trip


Our skippers have sailed enough miles to know what they are doing. They also have the required qualifications according to DSV (German Sailing Association) or RYA (Royal Yacht Association) standards, as well as experience in different areas with a variety of different types of ships. For us, good seamanship means: Reliability, sense of responsibility, technical know-how, efficient ship management, affability and strength in communication.


Work with us. We work with a number of hand-picked professionals and amateurs, but we are expanding, and so we are constantly looking for Crew. If you think, you could fit into our team, please let us know who you are!


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